Remove songs


So I used the VOX uploader on my Windows computer, and didn’t realize I had some songs that I didn’t want on VOX. However, I do not have a Mac or anything and I do not see options in the VOX iOS app under “Library” to remove songs. How can I do this?


I would like to see a response view to delete a song in the library using the iPhone.


Thanks for reaching out!

There is no way to remove tracks form VOX Cloud using the iOS device. We are going to add this functionality soon, otherwise we suggest using VOX on macOS to manage the VOX Cloud library.


Hi. There’s currently no way to delete a track from the now playing page. We have to go search for the track in the library to do this. Also, be can’t click like or dislike on any track on the library. Plus there should be a way to share mp3 please. These are very basic features. Love the app. Thanks and hoe you do better.