Remote Control Vox on macOS from iOS?


So it would be really useful (for me at least) if I could use the iOS app to control the macOS app in a similar way to the Apple iTunes remote app. My library is huge and especially when I'm mirroring to a TV when I have friends over, it's just impossible to navigate my library, can hardly even make out artists/album/track titles when at 1080p because the window is so small. Is this a feature you are already considering implementing or would consider implementing? Thanks!


Hi Ollie,
Thanks for Your suggestion.
Yes, we are considering that. Currently, have not enough time and resources, but it definitely would be a great feature. I'm also looking forward to it.
Thanks and have a great day!


Oh, this feature would be awsome! It would make Vox complete audiophile’s choice too.

For example, my setup is as follows: MacMini -> DAC -> Amplifier -> Speakers.
I don’t wanna use the monitor in my living room. So the only option I have now is to use wifi access to MacMini from another PC. And this is a bit anoying.

But if I could use my iPhone Vox to control Vox on my MacMini… that’s more like it!
Please implement this!

Great work btw, I really like what you already did!