Remote control functionality from iOS device


Hey guys,

Is there a technical barrier which prevents you from implementing a remote control like functionality from an iOS device to the VOX app running on a Mac connected to the same network?

Or was this simply not identified as a priority/useful feature in the feature set for VOX?



Hi Nkhil,

We have some thoughts about the remote control option but it's not on the high priority.

Is this nice-to-have or must-have feature for you?


In my opinion having this capability would unshackle VOX. Giving users the ability to effortlessly change tracks and control other features without having to be at their laptops (or desktops) would in my opinion open the doors to many many more innovative features.

Additionally, having a remote control would necessitate the creation of such an API on the player level, so that the remote can talk to the VOX instance running on the machine. This API could then be repurposed for other clients as well, for instance you could have IFFFT triggers, soundcloud triggers, etc for the music playback on VOX.

All that being said, I love this app and think you guys have done an amazing job as it is (I only mention the above so as to provide feedback to possibly help make an amazing app even better).

So, for me this is a great-to-have feature, not simply a nice-to-have.



Understood, thanks for a detailed explanation.

We're going to implement that as soon as we will have time to add DLNA support.

Thanks! Have a great day :)


another vote for this feature from me


Yeah - this would be a big deal. I'm in the process of migrating from Apple music infrastructure - it's become so unwieldy. Remote control over my music is the last missing piece.....


Yeah +1 for this feature, iOS and Apple Watch remote support :)


For now, there is an app and mac helper called todayremote, which adds this feature, in a paid form, would be great if VOX implemented this so we dont have to rely on a third party to do this.


I see the activity from the post was from a couple years ago. I’ve been waiting to invest in VOX until this remote feature was available. I am willing to make this switch to Vox with TodayRemote but I’m wondering and hoping that an in house remote feature is still in the works with VOX. Do you have any updates?
Thank you