RadioTunes & Di.Fm


Nello, I can find RadioTunes and Di.Fm Stations in the app. Bit no sound😩
Can anyone help?
Jürgen Dresden-Germany


Thanks for reporting!

We are extending the number of supported Radio Stations regularly, so if you are looking for the station that is not on the list, probably it might be added in the next update of VOX Radio DB.

If you got a direct link for the Radio Station which you would like to have on the list in VOX app, please share the streaming link with us and we will be able to update it in VOX Radio DB, to make it appear on the list in VOX app.

You can check if the streaming link is ok to be added using VOX Music Player for macOS, here is some additional info on how it is done:

Otherwise, as I’ve mentioned above, we will to set an automatic update for VOX Radio DB to find and to add or refresh streaming links according to the update schedule.