Question! Can VOX play music by folder?


I often sort music by folder and copy it to my phone. But I did not find the feature to play music by directory on VOX. Looking forward to receiving support.


is there or will there be a way to do this?

Perhaps create playlists online to listen?

Right now the part I’d say I’m not exactly jazzed with is how the music is organized and playlist’d.


I would also love this feature. It would make VOX so much more usable.



Thanks for asking!

VOX doesn`t use folder structure to sort music files, VOX uses id3 tags, it means that you can set all music files to be grouped properly in VOX Library by editing the id3 tags.

The easier way is to create VOX Collections on macOS version of VOX app, drop all music from the corresponding folder to your new Collection and mark it as synced Collection!

After that, your Collection will be available using any Apple device you got!


Other apps are able to do it either way.