Question about ETAs and trust


Hey there!

I am considering jumping ship from Google Music to VOX to get all of my music on the cloud. I’ve always adored the VOX Mac app and the iOS app seems pretty slick. The audio quality is great and it’s easy to use overall.

I do however have one question: Why should I trust VOX?
I have an Android phone and a Mac, but there’s no Android app for VOX. There have been forum posts asking for an Android app since 2014 and confirmation it was in development with no ETA- but there’s no way an app has been 4 years in development and not even ready for beta.

And now I see posts saying a “cross platform app is coming soon” - but it’s the same old story. Why should I trust a cross platform app coming to Windows soon when Android has been promised for over 4 years now with no result?

I’d like to jump ship but in these 4 years I’ve seen little development and little effort towards the platforms promised, and I can’t use VOX without at least the Android platform.

I wonder if there’s anyone here that could at least clarify some of these things- because I don’t mind paying for VOX if I know the Android app is coming in the next few months (AKA this year)- but without any information it just looks like vaporware and that’s too much money to risk for me.

Keep in mind I absolutely love VOX- this is in no way a rant. It just confuses me why there’s no information at all about this, because it leaves your potential customers in the dark. Especially now that Google Music is probably going to be deprecated by Google soon, people are seeking for alternatives.


I take it you didn’t get a response from VOX support?


Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the follow up on this.

Yes, this request is really old, but we, as a small team of music lovers are doing our best to achive a progress in makeing one!

We are already working on a cross-platform version of VOX app. I believe we will have some progress to share in nearest future. Keep an eye on VOX and we will have an announcement!
Currently, the app is ready for an internal use only.

You will get a notification once we craft a stable and reliable(enough!) version of the new VOX app. After the most recent build (at that point) will pass all needed tests - it will be available for downloading.

Stay tuned!


Hmmm I’m starting to thick otherwise



my subscription is ending in August and I don’t think I will renew it. I will tell you why.

  • we are talking with Qobuz to implement it. Stay tuned… (I did…)
  • Telekom Stream On in Germany will be contacted… (well, I don’t think so)
  • DLNA UPNP will be there soon…
  • some sorting of library

I am a user of Vox for a very long time. But I can’t see much changes. For such a long time not enough features that were promised have been included. No roadmap, no ETAs. Just “we will consider”, “stay tuned” and so on.

Vox could be the best music player out there. All your music, everywhere. But not so…



I have been considering Vox for a while, after seeing the same answer about Android trotted out repeatedly over more than 18 months, I think I will skip it.


Hi Everybody,

Thanks for posting your opinions here, VOX Team keeps an eye on the forum and read all posted here, so if you would like to speak up your mind and discuss the topic on public - you are in the right place!

We apologies for the lack of variability of the answers regarding the Android compatibility of VOX app, but, needless to say, we are really working on it, even now )!

As for the moment, ~ approx. 60% of all our resources are spent to speed up a development of Windows version VOX app, and the fullscreen version for macOS (with all needed editing tools and library management options, that we are all waiting for).

Additionally, we are improving VOX app for macOS and iOS on the daily basis, killing bugs, fixing issues, making backend upgrades, increase reliability, do the housekeeping, etc.

Also, we are happy to announce that we are planning to get an iOS a brand new version for iPad released soon, as well as a couple of long-awaited UI improvements for the iOS version. Both tasks are among our TOP 5 to be done in the nearest future.

We appreciate your patience on this matter!
VOX Team is a small group of music lovers and enthusiasts and our mission is to make sure our fans will be enjoying their favorite music in Hi-Res on any platform!

Yes, sure, it would be really fantastic, if could have it done faster, but we are already working on VOX app full-time, 365 days a year, just because all of us really want that to happen, so we could share the results of all our hard-working with our reliable fans, that prefer extravagant listening experience, and with those, who believe in Hi-res future of digital music streaming with VOX!


VOX Team


Although the vox app seems like it has a lot of potential, I finally gave up… seems like fixes and new features take way too long to implement… I feel like it’s not even going to be relevant by the time all the kinks get worked out. Maybe hire some new people to help out?


Hi team,

Thank you for this update. Have your considered open sourcing some parts of the applications?
I am sure there are many capable developers that would be more than happy to contribute to make their favourite apps better.



I agree with open sourcing some components or at least opening the APIs so other developers could create something on top of it.

However, as much as I love VOX, I’m going to say good bye to this service and just roll my own using Plex. Seems to be the better alternative for something multi-platform. It won’t be perfect, but I just can’t keep waiting for Android support as I’m switching my main listening device to Android and I have plans to get a Sony Walkman player in the next few months which is Android based. I’ll definitely miss the CarPlay support from VOX.

I will rethink about returning in the future.



I want to know how to download my entire library out of here. The drive that was used to upload my music is no longer with me, and I have since replaced it. Does anyone know how to download all of these songs at once? I don’t want to go album by album. I have unlimited google drive though G Suite and want to host there.


There is no such feature, as “Download all”, as well as “Delete all”.

But you can download all Albums by the Artist, using Artist view.


Are you freaking kidding me. This is bullshit. This will take me forever to pull my media out. Just another reason why im switching to google drive.


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