Qobuz download quality limited?


I’m not yet a subscriber but could be…

In testing the qobuz integration into the iOS Vox player downloaded hi-res music appears to only download as CD Quality (44.1 / 16).

I have checked the qobuz subscription download quality settings and downloaded within their app and the hi-res album downloads without quality limits.

The only setting within Vox I have found affects the streaming rate from Qobuz which works correctly. When set to full hi-res the maximum quality of the qobuz recording streams. And the difference is noticeable through external dac. I have even tried deleting the download, restarting the Vox app in case some configuration was cached, and downloading again. No change.

Does anyone else know if this experience is expected or is there a setting somewhere I have not found? This would be a deal breaker for me.


As far as I can tell you can’t actually download Qobuz content only your own library. I think you might be confusing this with your own uploaded library.