Qobuz access on MacOS?


I just got the Qobuz trial and can access it via my iPhone. I cannot see any way to access it in the Mac app, though. What is the deal?


It’s not available on the Mac app. Not sure why. Also you can’t download albums for offline listening either which is annoying. Hope they develop the integration a bit it needs some work.


Also, hoping they’ll implement this, and for their new Vox Universal client.


We have plans for this, since this feature is already out on iOS, it should not be a big deal to make it work the same way on other clients.

Looking forward to good results from marketing to make it worth implementing! :slight_smile:


its a long time since ferbruary. you wrote “it should not be a big deal”. as a software developer i know, the small and easy things can become very nasty.
any updates on this? any roadmap?
its cool that i can use qobuz on my iphone but i also want to have it in vox on my max!