Problem while playing stream


My system version: macos 10.15.1 with VOX 3.3.13.
I have problem with playing CBC radio one.
After I add the stream url from “File-Open stream”, it plays 1 second and stopped. If I double click the playlist, it would play another 1 second.
The stream works fine when I’m using IINA on mac and Potplayer on Win under the same internet, so I think it’s the problem of VOX.
Btw, the stream url is “”, the other streams from CBC do not work either, and I’ve not tested the streams from other provider.



Thanks for the detailed post.

We are already working on it. Not all stations are affected by that issue, and we are trying to determine the reason and fix it ASAP.

Hopefully, it will be easier to do after Apple will release an update, as it is connected with 10.15 OS. In the meantime, our dev. team is looking for a workaround to be implemented on our side.

I hope we will find a solution for this situation ASAP and it will be included in the next iteration of the VOX app.