Problem since update last week


Since updating the VOX software on my Mac last week to the latest version (just after I upgraded my Mac to Catalina), there are two stations that I listen to often that stopped working. I click on them and I hear music for about a half second, and then nothing. The little sound level icon to the right of the station info is moving, but no sound.
Is there a fix for this?




Thanks for your post!

Can you indicate some particular Radio Stations that have stopped working?



You’re welcome. The stations that I’ve found that have stopped working are:
KDFC, KCSM, and KFAX. They play for about a second and then stop.
Then a few minutes later they play for another second.


Thanks for the details provided, we will check them individually. We’ve been reported about this issue before, not all stations are affected by that issue, but it is connected with Apple`s OS updates. Our dev. team is looking for the workaround to be implemented on VOX`s side.

I hope we will find a solution for this situation ASAP.