Premium Subscription Revewed...Still Can't Do Anything


I had to manually renew my Vox Premium subscription because of an account number being changed. Even though I’ve renewed my subscription, I’m still being asked continually to renew whenever I try to do something through Vox. While trying to upload music, I keep getting forced onto a page that shows me the monthly and yearly subscription offers and even acknowledges my current subscription (text underneath the monthly option says that I’m “currently subscribed” to this plan). No matter what I do or how many times I confirm my monthly subscription, I’m unable to upload files.

I can understand random bugs and glitches, but for a site that seems popular and is based on high end web tech, this is pretty disappointing. I rely on Vox a lot. As I type this right now, I’m in a room with our company CEO, several trustees, and a dozen potential investors. Our entire operation is based on processing high-end audio and Vox ends up playing a big part of what we do. The result of this situation is going to end up with the blame being placed on me and understandably so.

I’m not sure what else to say, but I hope that Vox support can at least help resolve this subscription issue.



Thanks for your post!

I would suggest reaching our support desk to get it fixed ASAP.

Also, they will make your VOX Account will stay active while we are looking for a solution.


Your first issue is you are relying on VOX. They don’t care about ya man. They say they keep doing _____ and are working on _____ but they never follow through with what they are saying. Ever.


Apple Store charged me for next months subscription but I keep getting the message that my subscription has expired. I have never experienced a glitch in an App Store subscription before in any app. So today I cannot use VOX although I paid for it. Very annoying.
Besides that, I’m very disappointed by the lack of improvement of the service, like the possibility of sorting albums by “recently added” on the Mac.


Thanks for your post!

I would suggest reaching our support desk

Yes, there is no way to “Sort by: Recently added” Albums in VOX app on macOS, however, already have this feature introduced in VOX for iOS.

possibility of sorting albums by “recently added” on the Mac.

Currently, we suggest using an alternative way to browse your Recently added music.

You can do that by enabling an appropriate option in VOX Cloud tab, which will show the list of the recently added music, above the main A-Z list of music in your Library: