Plugin for Volumio


Hi I have a Volumio media player on raspberry pi with IS2 DAC. There are plugins for Spotify, Tidal and other services but not for VOX. Do you plan to add this soon?


Thanks for reaching out!

We really appreciate your efforts to provide us with feedback, as we try to improve our app for our customers on a daily basis.

However, we are not completely sure how should it work?
Would you like to sync your VOX Cloud library to the Volumio media player?

Any additional details to shred some light on how it should work would be highly appreciated!


I would like to have a Plugin for Vox so that I can use that Volumio uses the Hi Res capabilities of Vox to play. I would see it working in this sequence: Spotify --> Vox --> Volumio.

And yes, I would also like to be able to use Vox Cloud library. Am considering upgrading to Premium on Vox but hoping this functionality can be added.



I also am frustrated that I can’t have my Vox library shared somehow with my Volumio devices. A copy utility that did nothing more than automatically keep Volumio’s local files up to date with my Vox cloud would be great. (Playing directly from my Vox cloud would be nice, but a lot more work, I’d be very happy with a sync mechanism.)