Please add integration with Quboz


I can only assume that most VOX subscribers are fans of lossless music so why not add integration with today’s premier lossless streaming app? Seems like a no brainer and would really up the ante for your primary user base.


Thanks for your post!

We are actually working on that kind of integration with Qobuz service at the moment, but if you have some other options, feature requests, or any ideas on that matter, please feel free to share them with us!


Would certainly second linking with Qobuz streaming. Would be a perfect link with my VOX player


Good news everyone!

Exclusive Hi-Res synergy kicks in! Finally, Qobuz joins VOX!

Now you can get access to over 70 million tracks in Hi-Res and CD quality audio content directly within the app.

And also, our partners in Qobuz have provided us with an option to get 3 months of Hi-Res music streaming with Qobuz for FREE to all VOX users within the app.

You can learn more here: