Playlist loading problem



When have formatted my system and reinstalled Vox. I added some music files to my library (all paths correct, all songs are playing) however when I save the playlist and reopen it, many of the files are not loaded. To test, I cleaned up the whole playlist, added one of the music files which was not loaded and saved the playlist (containing only 1 file). When I try to open the playlist, it doesn’t load the file.

When I edit the playlist file and rename the creator field, it loads the file. Do you know what causes this problem? Is there a length or character limitation?



Thanks for your post!

Please specify your current OS and VOX version?
Are you managing your playlists in VOX app or iTunes and sync to VOX app?
What are the missing files` formats?


All files are mp3
I am managing my playlist in VOX APP
VOX version 3.3.6 (Build 3360)
OS version 10.14.1 Mojave



Where do those files located in your system? (local drive, external drive, or NAS?)

Try uploading those files to VOX Cloud and creating a “Synced” Playlist.