Playing two songs at once


I have an M1 mac mini and just the other day purchased 10,000 days by tool from HD tracks, and a vox subscription to check it out in hopefully its maximum quality, i listened to it the other night and enjoyed it very much, I put it on again today and suddenly could hear all this other stuff going on in the background, i was blown away, i’d never heard these extra parts before! they were like entirely new textures over the music, i hit pause, no, my neighbours are definitely not playing something else… this HD music was clearly revealing previously unrecognised details in the music! i listened more, i put my head right up to the speakers to listen and hear all this extra world of sound, what the hell is going on!!! it seemed like there was some sort of muddledness to the sound i couldn’t put my finger on, then during a quiet part of the end of the first song, i recognised the guitar intro from a track much later in the album… the buggy POS player was in fact just randomly playing two tracks at the same time
now that’s quality!


Thanks for reporting!

Please advise which VOX and OS are you referring to?
Does it happen each time you start the playback? Or occasionally?