Playing online streams from YouTube


Hi. Recently I discovered a nice feature in VOX on macOS that makes possible to listen to music from Youtube by pasting its URL to VOX. But, unfortunately, it seems that VOX is not able to work with online streams from YouTube. There is a very popular lo-fi music stream on YouTube called - “beats to relax/study to” by ChilledCow. I’d like to be able to listen to it via VOX. Is it possible to extend functionality and implement a feature that will allow listening to music from YouTube online streams?


Thanks for your post!

We will consider extending the number of supported streams in the future version of the VOX app.


This reply is crap. No streams from YouTube work on the macOS app, at all. I’ve been subscribed since July and was told this would be fixed in the next update of the client for macOS. There has not been one update in the almost three months since then. If something doesn’t change soon, I will be finding another service to host my cloud recordings. The iOS app does work with them, and it also supports connecting to my Spotify Premium account. Why is there so much inconsistency between the apps for each platform? Can someone please provide more information on when a consistent client experience will be rolled out on all your supported platforms?


YouTube streaming on macOS will be fixed in the upcoming version of the VOX app.