Playing an album my multiple artists


This might be a stupid question… but I can’t see a way to play an album in sequence which has more than one artist. Is this possible without creating a collection?

For example, the “Singles” OST under album view comes up as multiple versions of that album, one by each featured artist, so I have “Singles” by Pearl Jam, “Singles” by Soundgarden etc, listed. If I switch to artist view, the album then appears under each artist, but only listing tracks by that artist.



I suppose, all you need it to add all needed music tracks to Queue in the sequence you prefer.

Please advise if you would need some instructions?


Seems to me you need to tag the album properly.

I have lots of comps and they all play fine as a single album.

Make sure in the tags that the ARTIST is the relevant artist for the specific track, i.e. Pearl Jam…

and make sure the ALBUM ARTIST is Various Artists. The album should then appear under V in artists, but should give you the name of the individual artist as it plays each track.


Thanks - I don’t have “Album Artist” set, so that’d be the cause of my problem!