Player not showing on lockscreen when playing


Does anyone else have this issue? I’m on latest iOS software 15.1 and the player will not show on screen when the phone is locked. You have to unlock the phone and go back to the player if you want to see what is playing or to pause etc.

I have a similar problem with CarPlay. It won’t display what is actually playing on the console despite playing the music.


Thanks for your post!

May we ask you to send us a screen recording so we could see what happens?

As for the CarPlay, yes, it desperately needs an update, but there are some blockers and that is why it takes so long to release it!


The video stops recording when I put the phone on standby so I cannot show you. I will try and record with another device so you can see but as I described, when the music is playing and phone goes onto standby, you can usually tap the screen and see what song is playing / pause / skip track etc. However VOX does not show on the lockscreen.


Where should I send the video?


Helloooo?! Another instance of poor support :frowning:


I emailed you the video showing the problem