Pause or stop upload to cloud?


Is there a way I can stop or pause uploading to Vox Cloud from Vox MacOS? I’m uploading a lot of stuff, and would like to pause the upload when I’m on a network that I don’t want to use for uploads.



Hi there!

No, there is no pause button at the moment. But we are looking forward adding one!

I suggest waiting until an upload process is over and not changing a network connection in progress.


Given that I have enough music to upload that it will probably take days to complete this task, that’s not a very good option. I hope a “pause upload” feature gets added soon!


So I can’t stop an upload? I’m using the phone as a hot spot and my wife inadvertently dropped a huge file for upload. I’m getting killed on overages and I need to stop it.


Yes go to the top of your screen and select “pause uploads” from the drop down menu!