Option to transcode music to save mobile data usage


Would be nice to have an option to enable transcoding because I noticed a lot of buffering and data usage when I’m on my mobile data plan. Maybe ability convert flac to 320 mp3 when option is enabled or something.


Yes it would be great !


Good to see this post


Thanks for your feature request.

Actually, we have this on our To Do list, and we have plans for it.

Hence, it requires some development time and is not quite easy to implement for us at the moment.

We would suggest adding some 320 to your VOX Cloud storage, they will be put near the Flac version and not going to be mixed in UI. It will be a separate 320 Album, and you will be able to choose what to play while on the cell.

Also, downloading your music offline while on WiFi is still the best way to save data and enjoy lossless playback.