Option in Preferences to clear playlist on quitting VOX


I know it's a major feature having your queue always updated, but I often use VOX to sort out music and I miss the old behavior. Of course I can clear everything manually before quitting with Shift-Command-K, but it would be nice not to have to take care of this. Thanks!



You can use CMD+A and Delete to do this.

Please let us know if that's not convinient for you.


Thanks for reply. I know I can clear the queue in the way you’re suggesting (and I already do with Shift-Command-K, which is pretty much the same). It would be far more convenient for me to check/uncheck a button in Preferences of the kind Clear queue when VOX quits. Sorting out music I have to add lots of .cue files, sometimes I add twice by mistake, and when I have a playlist of hundreds of songs it gets really hard jump to a certain track (and I can’t do it backwards as VOX doesn’t allow anymore to do this from the menu bar control. Do you remember my previous post? (http://support.coppertino.com/discussions/problems/2119-access-to-e...)


Oh, got it - thanks for the explanation.

We'll try to make it happen in future.


It’s been over 5 years and nothing has been done. I bet this didn’t even get into your jira. This is the first result that google shows for related requests and I bet alot of people just went away disappointed. I only made an account to point that out and perhaps move this question from dead spot. Please fix or remove the notification, it is infuriating and won’t take devs alot of effort.