Only half of library uploaded


New to Vox so please bare with me if I’m missing something stupid.

I have 23k music tracks on Apple Music, uploading with VOX universal tppk about 5 hours but report shows only 13k have been uploaded.

What am I missing?



You are not missing anything, the system is not allowing me to upload files and I constantly get error messages saying my upload has failed. It never used to be like this but I have paid for a service that has no support or customer service


Thanks for reporting!

We need you to share some additional details, so our could be more useful in resolving this:

  • OS and VOX application versions
  • Have you noticed any errors during the process, if yes, please share an error text with your support desk here:

Since you’ve been using VOX Universal (beta), we actually have some logs stored locally to see all the errors, please try to do the following:

  • Launch VOX Unviverasal
  • Try to upload new Tracks until it fails
  • Open Settings > click on Open Log File

It should open text doc with some logs, share these logs with your or here to learn more about this error and a possible workaround.


is the MAC player able to provide some details about errors in upload? at least track/file name?

it tells about 1 file upload error . couldn’t find any way to get more info.


Yes, if you have a same Track\File that constatly fails to upload, you can try to use a VOX Universal (beta) application to upload it and if it fails to upload again, you will see a error message on the UI of VOX Universal or in the Log file.

Please share an error text with your support desk here: and we will be glad to get it resolved.


must have been something broken with the file, I reencoded via ffmpeg and track uploaded properly.



Thank you for letting us know, and I’m glad to hear that reencoding the file resolved the issue. It’s possible that there was an issue with the file format which failed the checks the client does during the upload.

If you encounter any more issues or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.