Only a few songs from iTunes are shown on VOX


Hello, I'm having this problem, VOX is not showing all the songs I have stored in my iTunes Media folder, I attached a screenshot that shows VOX showing only 5 songs of an album, when it should show 8. This problem happens with lots of albums.

Now here's the interesting thing. When I play a song on iTunes that wasn't shown in VOX, and restart VOX, it will now show up, so I guess if I play all of my songs on iTunes, all of them will finally show up in VOX?, but I'm not gonna do that, we're talking about thousands of songs here.

My iTunes Media folder is located on my secondary HDD that is encrypted, but I always put its password when I log in, so I don't thing that should be a problem.

I hope there's a way to fix this, thx.


I am having the same problem. I have tried to use Loop to sync my iTunes library and not all of my music is showing up. Is there a limit to data storage for the Trial period? I have, for example a band with 3 albums in iTunes. That same band only has 2 albums in Loop. As a test, I tried to manually upload the missing album to Loop, but it would not show up.


Hello guys,

Could you please try to uninstall VOX by AppCleaner, that you can download from the link below:

Once it's done, please download and install the latest version VOX one more time:

After that try to upload your iTunes media once again.

Let us know if it works for you!


These steps fixed mine:
Open iTunes, goto File > Library > Organize Library, and check the first checkbox, then open the VOX preferences, click Sources and click "Reload iTunes Library Completely"

That worked for me, hope it helps.


Thanks Anonymous,
We are in 2020 and your steps fixed mine too.