No true sync?


I realized there is no real sync system, you can add watch folders but they are not really synched since no files are ever deleted from your servers… that is a major shortcoming in my view. I use iTunes to clean up my files, keep them organized etc… then add that as watch folder… I have no intention of having to do some manual cleanup on VOX’s side… who does?!?

This is such a strange shortcoming I’m really puzzled…What is the rationale behind that ? Is true synching technically too complex to implement for your guys…?I cannot see any positive reason for this behavior (and if anyone does there should at least be an option to have true sync for those who want it).

Imagine if DropBox worked that way… no-one would use it. Seriously people… Hello ?!!



The watch folder feature is more for automatic uploading to the VOX Cloud. If you need to delete something from VOX Cloud, just find it using search in VOX app and delete directly using the VOX client.

Let`s pretend that VOX: Watch Folders feature is working as you’ve demanded…your have set up the watch folder in VOX, after that you have decided to clean up your local HDD, as you have all copies backed up in VOX Cloud.
Once you have deleted those tracks on your local HDD, you have them also erased from VOX Cloud.

Now, you have no copies at all )

Additionally, in this scenario, you would need to keep all copies of your music files in the watch folder on your local HDD to have them stored in VOX Cloud as well, which is not really useful, as VOX Cloud provides you with a possibility to save the local space by keeping your music files in VOX Cloud.

Probably, I am missing the main point - please explain. Thanks!


I’m guessing he wants the client to monitor a folder and duplicate on the server what is on the local folder to eliminate all the manual work of organizing the server, the same feature a good music player, such as foobar, will have (in that foobar monitors a folder, when you drop in files it adds them in the player without you having to do all this manually)… which is a perfectly reasonable request. Having to maintain a library on the local machine, and then do it again on the server is tedious… it is, at least, a good option to have in the Vox client so that the user can choose to have the server files automatically match the local files.