No tracks visible / Issue uploading music all day long


Please fix it, because from today there is an issue in uploading music to Vox Cloud. It uploads, and then you go to the song in the album and says “No track” in Mac and “No tracks visible” in iOS. And... WTF! there is no track.


same here, on Mac it uploads two albums one is empty one is with songs, on iOS the albums are empty!


Same here. Some (not all) music folders say "no tracks." Library does not sync between devices, and multiple folders appear when uploading to library (one will invariably be empty, the other not).


I am having the same problem on Mac OSX. Artist and album are shown (with artwork), but selecting results in "No Tracks."


same problem



Ive been able to upload but there appears to be a duplicate entry album entry for each album upload that has "no tracks". I delete the duplicate album and entry the data appears to stay (with an artwork glitch or two). But clearly something is amiss and needs to be remedied.

Thanks for Vox for your attention to this.


Same issue!


1 day latel still fails. It doesn’t synchronize and we can’t hear new songs uploaded. Need a solution!!!


Same issue here. At first everything seems to be ok after uploading some files, but after a few seconds a new, empty album with the same title appears, but without any tracks in it. On iOS I can only see this second, empty album.


Hey there!

We are already working on it, technical service is already running to have made adjustments properly installed and checked. That is the reason you probably may face some difficulties lately.

Sorry, for inconveniences, we are looking forward to solving this issue in a short time.


Glad to know it's not just me!
I've been having the same problem with VOX as described by baringo above...

And now I can't even sign in on my iphone, because it seems the website is down.. Hopefully you're busy firing your web providers and rebooting the whole system ! Haha.... Looking forward to things working as normal again.


I'm having the same issue... I upload my files through the app on my MAC, and the "no tracks" issue shows up. However, I uploaded files through the web interface, and they show up just fine. Looking forward to a fix.


Hello everyone!

First of all, we have good news - the problem was indicated and fixed!

To be 100% sure problem is gone, we suggest deleting your music files, that were uploaded within the last 24h and re-upload to VOX Cloud again.


P.S. If you still have some problems please reach us directly -

Have a great day!


It works fine again. I wish it doesn’t happens again. Thx for fixing fast


I am having the same issue. It is very disheartening as the issues are a daily occurrence.
I never have the same number of items across multiple computers when i sign in to check. Now I have 0 artists and no tracks when i select an album.


I’ve recently joined Vox and I’m having the issues mentioned in these posts. For over a week I’ve been trying to upload, 80% of the time I have no issues but then certain tracks won’t upload either on the web page or through the Mac app. Rebooting etc does not seem to make a difference.
To be clear, I’m getting either tracks not uploading and missing tracks in albums that have uploaded successfully.

Any ideas/solutions?




Which OS and VOX version are you referring to?

Try to re- login to VOX app with you VOX account to upload the missing track to VOX Cloud.

Tell me if the tracks are uploading fine now?


Still having many issues. Quite often some tracks 1 or 2 on and album are greyed out after uploading but no failure error. Uploading ALAC files. Constantly logging out and logging back in.
I also notice the I get around 900KB/s upload and then this drops probably 10 to 20 times an hour to 22 KB/s. I have to pause the download and then resume. This fixes it for a while. I have nothing else running.
2 weeks of constant uploading and still only a quarter through my collection. Reliability is awful and Im thinking of asking for a refund.


Also what does a greyed out track mean?



Please reach our tech. support desk directly - We will try to find a solution for this and provide you with an individual support.