No sound at VOX at all songs


The other day VOX stopped to play any sound regardless of which speaker is selected.
My version of VOX is 3.3.17 and MacOS is Catalina 10.15.4.
I tried to delete and reinstall VOX, but it didn’t help.
Are there any options I can get VOX to play music again?


Thanks for your post!

I would like know what exactly is happening, so I will ask questions in order to find out the cause, please reply if You have time.

  • What music source do you use, VOX Cloud, Music app (former iTunes), SoundCloud, Radio, or you simply Drag&Drop your music from Finder to VOX app?
  • What output do you try to play your music on? - Internal Speakers, AirPlay, Sonos?
  • Do you have any Audio Units enabled in the Audio Units chain, in VOX app?

Finally, we would suggest doing the following:

  • Go to System Preferences > Sound
  • Select your output (the one with subwoofer), set it as your system`s default output
  • Switch to VOX > Open output list in VOX app > Select “Same as System” and start playback

Please tell us about your results!


I am using VOX 3.5.5, mac OS Ventura 13.4. I can’t get VOX to output anything to any output source. I tried your suggestions, but there is no System Preference>Sound in any of the menu dropdowns to set the default output. My music source is the mac Music app, and I am trying to output to a Wiim Pro via airplay.