No music sorting?


i just signed up for a premium account yesterday so that i could upload to the cloud. i’m now finding out that there’s no library? all there appears to be is this bulky list of albums, can’t sort by genre, artist, year, etc. is this a joke or am i missing something?


Nope, no joke. Its a little bit better on iOS, but thats it. I just use this service as an unlimited backup or my Flac files at this point. Support here is a joke. They do not implement anything we ask and they always give a canned excuse as to why they do not do things.


The Library is sorted base on id3 tags and the file format.

Main Tags used for sorting are: Track number, Release Year, Album name, Artist name, etc.

Also, you can create a Collection to group your music files there!

We don`t use such tags as - genre, skip, or play in VOX app at the moment.

However, all feature requests are saved and, probably, some of them will be introduced in new version of VOX app.