No Artist Photo


I have a small issue with the iPhone app. In my list of artists where you have the small square where there is a photo of the artist, most of the squares are just white and no photo of the artist??


Any response please??


The thing is, that there is no exact way to embed an Artist artwork to your music files. All software that displays an Artist artwork uses external sources (music files you have imported - never contain the Artist artwork, only the Album artwork).

VOX is using public sources to import Artist artworks and display them, unfortunately, some of the resources have been closed or blocked unexpectedly, that is why we need to look for new, alternative sources to use them to populate the Artists with proper artworks.

Additionally, we are looking forward to introducing new features, that will provide our users with the ability to import their own Artist artworks or Album artworks!

Stay tuned.


This is awesome news!