No album art displaying in 2015 Toyota Highlander


I just found out about Vox and for the most part I’m really enjoying it. Apple’s music app and even the YouTube app have no issues displaying embedded album art or the video thumbnail respectively over the aux cord USB on the car display. That makes me think or hope this would be a really easy feature to implement for Vox. Currently it sends no art information to the car display, causing it to default to the car’s Gracenote database. This results in very generic images based on album, artist or genre when available, or blank art if it’s something too obscure. Unfortunately the results are pretty ugly and jarring, but that could be solved by sending the appropriate image information. It’s almost a dealbreaker otherwise. But I don’t want to lose the functionality of Vox over that. I really hope a future update could address this soon. That would be great.

Other than that I don’t quite like how an arrow visibly disrupts the top edge of album art in the app when a song is playing. I feel that element should probably not overlay the art. It happens since the artwork zooms in slightly to indicate it is playing. I’d prefer if the art was pushed down a few pixels as this arrow really messes with some covers’ designs.

I was able to sign into and see my currently playing song, but it fails to actually scrobble them after the song is over. I wish that was working, as I’m used to using Eavescrob to accomplish this with the Music app.

Overall I think this is close to being the best player. I’ve only heard it cause a track to stutter once. I appreciate that the shuffle is easy to edit or remove tracks, a feature missing from many competing apps.


Believe it or not iOS 16 fixed this. Perhaps it is handling album art even more seriously with the upgraded lock screen effects, and passing it along with Apple’s own code. The lock screen now emphasizes frosted effects whenever you’re playing something and surprisingly works with foobar and Vox not only Apple’s player. Because I never had the same trouble with foobar or even YouTube for that matter I still think Vox could be leaving something out about how it delivers the cover art. Other than that I still am only managing to scrobble about 3 tracks a day, so something’s terribly wrong there.