New Vox User-Watch folder and sync issues between Mac and iPhone


I just downloaded the Mac version, set up a Watch folder, and added 3 album folders, one at a time. All were mp3 320 format. The first one worked ok. The second was never seen by Vox Mac until I rebooted the computer (mid-2012 Mac mini). Then it was seen by both the Mac and the iPhone. I made a playlist and added a couple of songs to it from the iPhone. This has never, over the course of several hours, updated to the Mac. The Mac shows no Playlists (or Collections as you call them). Then when I went to copy the 3rd album folder into the Mac Watch folder, I noticed that the second one I had copied was missing (I did NOT delete it). After copying the 3rd album folder, it never showed up on either the Mac or iPhone version, even after I rebooted the computer multiple times, and the iPhone playlist has never shown up on the Mac.
Also, I just NOW realized there is no Genre functionality?? I need to be able to sort/look via Genre.
I need to understand what is going on, how to fix this to work the way I want it to, or that it can’t be done and I will get a refund.


Hi, Thanks for your post! Please reach our tech. support desk to have it sorted!