New to VOX - want to sync itunes to vox cloud and listen from various devices


Hi, on my “main” system I’ve installed vox and in preferences did a sync with itunes library.
On my iphone, in the vox app, I seem to get all of my itunes playlists and can play songs. Excellent!
I’m not sure how it’s working though as I have an 8TB library and I’m sure 8TB hasn’t been uploaded to VOX in a couple of hours. Is it using my mac as a server to play the music to my iphone?

Also, I installed vox on a second mac (my imac), but there vox doesn’t show any of my music. For example I go to library, select itunes and it says empty library. How do I get it to show the files I’ve told vox about on my main system?

Poking around more (adding vox to my ipad) it seems the iphone vox is just seeing my locally loaded music, not music my main system has uploaded to the vox cloud so I can listen anywhere.


Can I use Vox Premium to play audio filesfrom The Internet Archive ? Particularly live Grateful Dead shows. Nearly every show the band played from 1965-1995 is available on The Archive. In a variety of sources & lineages. There r DSBD,SB Matrix mixes, a variety of audience recordings mostly using high end recording equipment. The VAST majority of the files source & lineage is meticulously noted I.e the type of microphones, DAT deck; the boards & matrix mixes list how they were transferred, who did what . . . It goes without saying the vast majority of copies (many shows from say 1972-1995) have multiple (10 or more) sources MOST r high res, flax etc Apologies for Tolstoyian msg. While I completely trust my ears knowing & insisting on high res my knowledge of the products & particular vernacular associated with folks in the high end high resolution lossless world is not as sure. I’m a quick study but it’s certain I will aggravate some with my questions till I get up to speed. I just today discovered VOX and signed up. It happens next week that my wife and I are purchasing a Macbook Pro 13 inch from 2017 NO TOUCH PAD along with an iPhone 7 plus. We want to hit the pavement running. It’s certain I will have some naive, even ignorant questions in these days before i make those Apple purchases but I learn quick. It’s guaranteed I will be up to speed shortly



Thanks for your comment!

In order to have all your music files synced via all devices using VOX, you would need to upload those tracks to VOX Cloud first. Once done, they will be available for playback with VOX from any Apple (Windows\Linux - upcoming!) devices you got.

VOX got a plenty of ways to sync your music files between Apple devices, but if you would like to have it done once and for all devices - VOX Cloud is the option!



I bet VOX can do it, but currently, it does not support direct streaming from The Internet Archive. You would need to download the music files locally to make them available for VOX app!

After that, you can upload them to VOX Cloud or sync between your devices using iTunes.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you got some questions. You also can reach our support desk, for individual assistance: