My songs aren’t playing on SoundCloud


My VOX account is connected with my SoundCloud account. I have playlists that have a mix of SoundCloud songs, songs I’ve downloaded, and songs I’ve bought from the apple store. Starting today, none of my songs from my playlists asides from the downloaded ones have been able to play. I’ve restarted my app and my phone but to no avail.


Thanks for your post

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, the SoundCloud source will be temporarily unavailable in the VOX app. SoundCloud has made to changes, which was really unexpected for us.

We would need to make appropriate changes in the VOX app, as well. Our engineers are already working on it.


Ok, thanks for the quick response! Would you be able to give an ETA for the fix?


We are working on to get that fixed.

It is our task number 1 as for now, but I can`t tell you more at the moment.

Unfortunately, we’ve discovered this incident to happen, while the next version of the VOX app for iOS (2.3.19) was waiting for review from Apple, which means it will be fixed in the next version after the upcoming one - 2.3.20.

Stay tuned.