Music won’t play. Collections missing. Oh, I must be signed out of Spotify again


I’ve been using this app for years. This is still a consistent, even daily, issue.

Every day (sometimes multiple times a day) I have to re-login to Spotify. To some this might be “whatever”. Tap a Few buttons. Viola. But not with me.

I have to jump through 2 separate “two factor authentication” challenges… sometimes the email/text/phonecall/ other device sync doest show up immediately. When it finally does- then I have to wait for my few thousand songs/playlists to load.


I saw a reply in another topic that was saying that it’s just “visual” and that I’m still logged in.

That is false

I tap a song and I immediately know I’m logged out because there’s only a fraction of my “collections” where there’s usually hundreds of book and notes. When the song I select shows up- the artwork shows. But then? It skips to the next song. And then 3 seconds of album art later? The next song. It continues in silence. It’s skips over every song in the playlist. So, I don’t believe I’m still logged in.

There must be a way to lock the login. It’s the only serious complaint I have. But after literal years of dealing with it. It’s a serious PITA.

Is there any idea why it’s happening and how to fix it or at least reduce how often I have to log in?