Multiple music libraries/collections in Loop


Vox and Loop are just great together, I have uploaded all my music in FLAC format and enjoy it everyday. One problem, my wife also loves it and wants to upload her music as well. As our musical tastes are very different, my music collection is getting cluttered with lots of music I don't want to see and listen. Is it possible to add a feature in loop to add multiple libraries or collections. A collection for him and a collection for her.
I would even be willing to pay for this as an add on option in loop.

(The collections function in the playlist doesn't cover what I want.)



We'll implement the collections sync in future, so it definitely should be possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you happen to have any other questions :)


Yes Collections, are for tracks, but Genre could be separated by libraries. A Jazz Library, a Pop library, a Classical library, a world library. That would help a lot.