Multi album covers not shwon by Vox


i’ve swithed from the native ios music app to Vox for better gapless playback of my mp3 collection.
Vox seems to do a better job on this than the ios music app.

The mp3 collection is uploaded to my iPhone (ios 12) using iTunes.
About 700 mp3’s have an unique album cover which i’ve made myself (hours of Photoshop…) and is embedded in the mp3.

Right after i started up Vox i’ve noticed that an incorrect album cover was shown.
not once, but all the time.

So if an album has one album cover for that whole album, things go ok.
But if there are multiple album covers in one album, only the first album cover is used for the rest of the album.
This looks quite stupid, a song by Pink floyd with the album cover of Spock’s Beard…

I’ve read on this forum that this question was also asked in 2016.
Surely this problem could have been solved in 3 years…?




Thanks for your post.

Seems like this issue is so rare that we haven’t heard about it since 2016… and it had not been fixed yet.

I will save your request and make sure it will reach our dev. team.


it would be most appreciated if this could be fixed.
I notice now that a specific albumcover is how i recognize a song quickly.
Actually not noticed this habbit before, because it wasn’t an issue…
So now i am in a constant state of confusement, because the albumcover does not match the song…