Mixed vs. Synced playlists and how to create/access them on different devices?


I am attempting to create several collections from music on vox cloud, however I’m running into problems having the playlist then appear on my other devices. So if I make the playlist on my ipad, it is classified as “Mixed” and won’t be visible on my phone or computer, but if I make it on the computer, it’s visible on the other devices but needs to be redownloaded, even if the songs on it are already downloaded on that device. Am I missing something?


I was looking for information related to this topic and came across your post. I’m just a regular user and not a VOX employee in any capacity, however I have been in your position before many times only to be met with the same radio silence. i shouldn’t have to apologize for anyone but it’s truly a testament to their total incompetence and lack of professionalism. If it wasn’t for their limitless cloud, i’d have been gone long ago. I’m sure you have it sorted by now but this is what i’ve got so far and I’m trying to figure out who in blazes decided to set things up this way because it’s a shit sandwich. basically the only playlists that matter are the ones that are created on macOS. Period. All others created on iOS, ipadOS, etc. are local to those devices. now that would be great IF you could contribute to those collections from the other devices as well because you can access them from there. AH. but no. there’s where the sync pretty much loses 99% of its portentially cool factor. that’s all i got for now. dang this is the closest i’ve ever felt to a being a gross yelper. but then again maybe a programmer bot will scan this archive in the year 2546 and then maybe something will get done. Prolly not.