Media Buttons at macOS Mojave, again. ):



I downgraded from beta macOS Catalina to stable macOS Mojave 10.14.6.
I’m using VOX 3.3.10 version + Preference Panel (media buttons extension).
But media buttons doesn’t work: when I push Pause/Play button iTunes starts & it doesn’t work while using VOX Player either. ):

How to finally solve this problem?




We would suggest to completely remove and reinstall Media Buttons again.

Go to System Preference…> Find VOX Preferences. Remove them by clicking with a right mouth click and choosing remove option.


Re-boot might be helpful!

Also, you can use this command to kill the process by Media Buttons.

Open Terminal:

launchctl remove com.coppertino.VOXHelper

You can download lthe most recent version of Media Buttons. -



Made it but it didn’t solve the issue. ):

Thanks for help anyway.