Media Button doesn't works


Hi there!!!
First, english is not my native language, so excuse me…

I have the vox player, and i’d love it!, but the media buttons and very frustating…I’m running the very latest version of high sierra, and the latest version of vox and the button media plugin and I set up to control vox with media buttons, in the vox preferences I open the controls tab and clicl on “open pref pane” and it always open google chrome and I open “” and now the media buttons works, fine! but, when i reboot, the media button no longer works, so i have repeat all process above

Whats happens here??
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Any idea? Someone with same issue?


Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out!

Please advise, what are your current OS and VOX app versions are?


Hi, thanks for you reply!

I’m running Mac Os High Sierra 10.13.4 and Vox 3.2.1(build 3210.1)


any help¿? any suggestion?


Hi there!

Thanks for notification, you request was passed to our, hopefully it will be fixed as soon as possible in future updates.


Same issue here with MacOS Mojave and VOX 3.3.7.



Thanks for notification.

The thing is that VOX Media extension is an separate app and we are still working on new update.

Stay tuned!