Managing OPUS files with OGG or CoreAudio containers using AirDrop


I have local .opus files that are in OGG containers. I want to play them on iOS 13, and the most convenient way of transferring the music is to use AirDrop. The issue I am facing is that when an OGG container gets transferred into the device, iOS does not list Vox as an app that could handle the OGG container. It doesn’t matter what the file extension is, .opus or .ogg, the only way is to save them in Files app and from there Share and “Copy to Vox”, one file at a time. Afterwards I have to delete the copied music from Files.

So I tried using the CoreAudio container instead, which has a .caf extension. AirDrop loved it, and can put the files in Vox’s local storage. The problem here is that Vox cannot read the tags, so only the file name is shown.

What can be done to improve on this ? Ideally I would like to see Apple support OGG, so they can simply be transferred and land in the right place. Since that is not likely to happen, it would be great if Vox can find a way to support the CAF container better.