macOS Library Management


I’ve been using VOX for macOS (and iOS) for a few months and I like it alot.

I wanted to know what other people may be doing for library management as currently I’m simply using the Collections feature, however as my library grows it’s becoming more difficult to manage.

I currently create a new Collection item for each album, which is very quick and easy to do, but in many cases I have multiple items for an individual artist and it’s becoming hard to identify items within the collection list.

Intially, all what I would need is for there to be a hierachy within each Collection item, so that I can view Artist > Albums but I can’t see a way that it’s possible. I’m going to assume that the online storage would be a solution but ideally i’d like to keeo it offline if I can.

I’m currently experimenting with a few ideas of my own by developing a local library management application (using Pyhton) to run alongside Vox so that I can easily browse my collection but I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to build something that does justice to the high standards of the Vox player itslef.

All ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance