M4a-files not playing on iOS


Cannot play any m4a-file on latest iOS. Mp3 and Flac seems to play just great. Is it a bug or feature?


This is definitely wrong!

What VOX + OS versions are you on?
How did you get those files to the VOX app? Are they stored locally or in VOX Cloud?


iOS 15.1 and latest update to Vox. I use Vox Cloud. Restarting iPhone didn’t work. Reinstalling Vox didn’t help. Very soon I’ll check the situation on Mac…

Doesn’t play on Mac either?! Have to upload again… still don’t get it why upload ain’t right. All songs seems to be there and fill the space on my account.

Tested several times and all uploads with m4a will fail to play. No error message. They just don’t play. Uploads with flac and mp3 will always play just fine.

BUT. Some mp3s won’t upload?! I have a folder with 119 mp3s and only 1 gets uploaded?! Frustrating.


Nothing else to try here… Converted files to mp3.