Is there a way to elegantly integrate a lyric display for tracks that have embedded lyrics under a tag? It would be awesome to have Vox automatically display the playing track's lyrics. The best way I can see to implement it is to have another "View" option, which would replace the playlist view with the current track's lyrics.

- Vox's most appealing quality is probably simplicity. Any additional feature compromises this a little. - Many people don't have embedded lyrics in their music.

Such a simple feature would surely make a minimal footprint on the interface and would take a developer minimal time to implement. Vox is already the music player of choice for OSX among audiophiles, and this demographic tends to embed lyrics into files in the interest of complete metadata.

I'd be curious to know if there are any plans or discussions about implementing a lyric feature.


Hello markkhosla!
First of all thank your for your feedback and making VOX better.
We are planning of lyrics in the future updates. Hope we can make it soon:)


Lyrics might ruin the simplicity of vox.
However, it's still needed.
Maybe you can find some brilliant way to Implement it.

Good luck~


Hello Sam. We are still investigating the best behavior for lyrics.


This app handles lyrics displaying gracefully, nevertheless it’s
distributed under the GPL license. You can take it as a reference.


Thank you Charles!
We will take it into consideration.


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5 years, still no lyrics. Uninstalling right now.


aww still no lyrics in 3.3.17 macos…why?


Thanks for your post!

The thing is that we would like to keep VOX minimalistic but powerfull playback tool, and lyrics feature seems to be out of the scope of this concept.

Hence, we are considering to add this functionality to VOX Premium service in future updates, most likely, in it will be first introduced in the ReVOX app, since it will be more iTunes alike, and will have enough room for the Lyrics feature.


LyricsX is a good solution and it also works with different music players.


That LyricsX is a killer app buddy! Thanks a zillion!
I almost uninstalled VOX while reading the VOX_Support_Team’s excuses, yet you came and saved their lazy ass! Awesome.