Lyrics PLEASE!



I'm a devoted user of VOX for Mac and for me VOX is the WinAMP that MacOS never had, but please, please, PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

Enable some window to display MP3 lyrics embedded, every time when I want to see the lyrics I need drag the music to iTunes, just to that.


Curitiba - PR - Brazil


Hey Roger,
Thanks for using our app!
Actually, we are considering this feature for future, but there is no ETA for that.
Thanks for helping us to make VOX better!


I agree with Roger!



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I would also like to see this feature added. I think it would be fantastic!


+1 I am considering making a complete switch to VOX & LOOP (incl. abo) by replacing my current setup with Audirvana & iTunes, but withtout support of embedded lyrics it's useless for me.


Definitely +1!


Yes, lyrics NEED to ne added