Loop icon in taskbar keeps coming back


Dear VOX,

As a company with a singular focus on UI, I hope you'll understand that I like to keep unused controls out of my taskbar even if they aren't otherwise causing any harm.

The Loop taskbar control that appears next to the VOX taskbar item is not something I use.

I Googled for old directions on how to remove it, and found a launchctl command, but that only temporarily removed the control.

Can you please document how I am meant to remove the Loop taskbar control? Of course I want to keep my VOX (colored!) taskbar control, so whatever procedure you suggest I would not want to affect it.

BTW, I am running macOS 10.13 "High Sierra" but I had the same issue when I was on macOS 10.12 "Sierra" and am just now getting around to documenting it.

Thanks very much,

~Brian Hill


Hi Brian,
Thanks for using our app!
THe icon you mentioned is a part of the VOX. It can not be disabled. lanchctl command just restarts it. And that's all.
Disabling this checkbox prevents it from appearing while VOX is closed.


Ok, thanks for responding.

I'd like to change what was a question to a feature request then....

Please make it possible for those of us who are not signing in to Loop to remove the Loop taskbar item.

It already has a "Quit" menu item. I just want to it to stay quit.

It could obviously re-appear when one intentionally clicked on the Loop tab in the main VOX UI, but shouldn't re-appear until the user takes that step. In particular, just logging out and back in should not make it re-appear.




Love the app Vox, but this unremovable Loop thing in my menu bar smacks of adware and is a bit of a dealbreaker. Hope you do the right thing.


RE:"smacks of adware "

As being said it's not only menu bar icon, it's the part of VOX player and can not be removed.


To prevent the loop menubar icon from reappearing, delete the Loop.app application from inside /Applications/VOX.app/Contents/Library/LoginItems :slight_smile:

(I’m sharing this just because some time ago I bought the license and now that’s not valid anymore, I find myself with a shareware again :confused: )



You need to have a Loop.app running in order to have your device authorized, using your VOX account with the license that you’ve purchased.