Load iTunes Playlists onto Vox without syncing with iTunes


I'm attempting to run Vox completely clear of iTunes but would like to bring my playlists across from the iTunes platform.
I am running Yosemite 10.10.3 on a Mac.
I loaded my library including .xml & .itl codes but it just came up as one very big collection.

Can i initially Sync with iTunes and then move a way from it once i am established with Vox?
i.e. Run iTunes from where i intend to run Vox, then move iTunes back to its original position once I'm working with Vox?

At this stage i am not interested in Loop, i will look into it as it looks pretty sweet, but first off i am trying to run independent of internet as well as iTunes.

Cheers in advance for any feedback.


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Sorry, i'm unsure why this conversation is closed.
Still a work in progress.



Thanks for writing in!

You can change the location of the iTunes library ( just press the Option key while you're opening the iTunes ) and then you can Reload The Entire Library under VOX Preferences.

Please let us know if this helps.


Do i need to start my playlists again in Vox? or can i import itunes playlists to Vox thru txt or m3u files?
Once my playlists are in Vox i can drop itunes out all together.

One other question, can i view my Vox player in a 'Date Added' view.


You can import iTunes playlists via .m3u files. That would be the best option.

Currently there is no "Date Added" view but we will consider adding it.

Feel free to write us back if any questions arise.


Hello there!

I have almost the same question: I have a lot of playlists in m3u format at the root of a directory located somewhere in my NAS, outside my iTunes collection (these playlists have been setup using a DJ application outside iTunes; the tracks are FLAC files); the tracks that these playlists point to are in sub-directories of the directory containing the m3u files.

I have ITunes started, I connect my iPhone and go to the File Sharing page, select VOX and in the Documents, I drag and drop the sub-directories containing the FLAC files: great ! the music is now in my iPhone, ready to be played… but I need to select them by Artist, or Albums, …

Now I would also like to drag and drop to the File Sharing Documents the m3u files along with the sub-directories… and get these playlists automatically added to the “Collections” in VOX on iOS.

I tried but unfortunately it did not work… :slight_smile:

Do you think this is something you could consider adding to your wonderful VOX player in the next releases: I think this is really the missing feature for me as I want to be able to listen to the playlists I already created without having to convert/import/export/whatever_manual_operation_apart_from_just_dragAndDropping

Many thanks in advance for your support !



Thanks for reaching out!

You would need to get you iTunes playlists using iTunes syncing feature.

But keep in mind that iTunes does NOT support Lossless HD audio formats.