Library organisation & display?


Hi. I like VOX and it's sound features, but the layout is very awkward. As much as I dislike iTunes, it has a coherent library view and a presentable organisation of albums / songs / artists, etc. Am I missing something?


I am having the similar issue with organization my library (2TB+).
Isn't possible to have folders in folders in collections tab?
For example;
Genre > Subgenre > Artist > Album
Electronic > Techno > Abdulle Reshim > Gizew
Is it possible to have such organized library in VOX?

(thank you for the greatest player ever.)




Thank you for your thoughts.
It's already in our suggestions box and we'll definitely consider that when major design improvements time will come. I'm leaving this thread open for further suggestions and ideas how to improve VOX interface.

Thank you!


This seems to come up over and over in these discussions and the product team seems to just keep saying it's something they'll consider. Too bad. I won't pay $100/year to store my itunes library when I can barely look at a single album's worth of songs at a time in their miniscule player.


current design is quite good !
simple and stylish, i love such minimal interfaces. all i wanted to have is just an option which allows me to create a folder in a collection. i am sure that everyone are ok with current look.

give us folders!! :))


I agree that Loop use has a steep for an application that is not better than iTunes from a library management side




Is it possible now to add albums to a collection and for them to appear as albums in that collection, rather than just as a long playlist? Am i missing something?