Library Management in VOX 3


After a year away from VOX, I just came back and am hopeful that my experience will be better, this time around.

Back in 2017, after 2 years of using VOX and uploading over 80GB of music to your cloud, I cancelled my subscription due to the fact that the price was too high, in my mind, which you have actually reduced by half, since, in the meantime, and because I had been told that library management was coming in the next version, then the next version, then in VOX 3, but taking a look around, I still fail to find a way to manage what I upload.

Am I missing something, or is VOX still just a bucket you throw songs into, and use “Search” to retrieve them? How do I see a list of Artists that I uploaded, or a list of Albums? Or any list view, for that matter, akin to pretty much any music app out there that claims to hold our collections of music?

Before I go on with more questions, would you be so kind as to tell me where/how I manage my uploaded music? I thought that maybe this was a feature of the Premium version only, but even after buying the full yearly subscription (again), I cannot find such a management feature.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks a lot for your efforts in providing us with a feedback!

We are already working on a cross-platform version of VOX app.

It will be a “bigger” brother, a full-screen version of the VOX app, with a playback Collection and Library management tools, Audio Tweaks, etc.

We are looking forward to sharing the BETA soon and start closed testing sessions. I believe we will have some progress to share soon.

Meanwhile, we are constantly upgrading a VOX app and implementing core changes to make it more sustainable and creating a background for future streaming and syncing features we are planning to introduce.


Godspeed to you on that.

It’s not unlike the promises that you have provided since 2015, when I first bought into the VOX Loop subscription, but hope always dies last…and I hope that this time around, you will come through on your plans to finally address this glaring omission.