Library Management in VOX 3


After a year away from VOX, I just came back and am hopeful that my experience will be better, this time around.

Back in 2017, after 2 years of using VOX and uploading over 80GB of music to your cloud, I cancelled my subscription due to the fact that the price was too high, in my mind, which you have actually reduced by half, since, in the meantime, and because I had been told that library management was coming in the next version, then the next version, then in VOX 3, but taking a look around, I still fail to find a way to manage what I upload.

Am I missing something, or is VOX still just a bucket you throw songs into, and use “Search” to retrieve them? How do I see a list of Artists that I uploaded, or a list of Albums? Or any list view, for that matter, akin to pretty much any music app out there that claims to hold our collections of music?

Before I go on with more questions, would you be so kind as to tell me where/how I manage my uploaded music? I thought that maybe this was a feature of the Premium version only, but even after buying the full yearly subscription (again), I cannot find such a management feature.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks a lot for your efforts in providing us with a feedback!

We are already working on a cross-platform version of VOX app.

It will be a “bigger” brother, a full-screen version of the VOX app, with a playback Collection and Library management tools, Audio Tweaks, etc.

We are looking forward to sharing the BETA soon and start closed testing sessions. I believe we will have some progress to share soon.

Meanwhile, we are constantly upgrading a VOX app and implementing core changes to make it more sustainable and creating a background for future streaming and syncing features we are planning to introduce.


Godspeed to you on that.

It’s not unlike the promises that you have provided since 2015, when I first bought into the VOX Loop subscription, but hope always dies last…and I hope that this time around, you will come through on your plans to finally address this glaring omission.


I am new to VOX but am excited to start using the Premium service however I am shocked that I cannot get a full “library” view of all tracks/albums uploaded to the VOX cloud.

I don’t like iTunes but it does allow me to get a great overview of all the tracks I have and see the genre (so that I can create playlists/collections by genre), the bit-rate, file format etc.

I have a monthly VOX Premium account but will need to see this cross-platform VOX app with library management tools before I commit to a longer term subscription.



I am 100% willing to try via TestFlight! These lack of search options, smart playlists, duplicates, and so many other things is driving me insane. Please add me to the list for beta testing. I have many iOS devices to use for it


4 years later, how far have you gotten?

Out of my naive curiosity where things stand, I subscribed for another year, and found that pretty much nothing has changed…not to sound mean, but what is it that your team actually does, all day? With so many examples of what basic library management should look and function like, how can it be that VOX continues to completely ignore and fall short of any established standards? How can it be?!


For example:

Since I still have no way to keep uploads organized in any meaningful way, I just tried to hack it, by moving all of my recently uploaded tracks into a Playlist, to keep them separate from what I would like to upload next. But after creating the Playlist and dragging all of the songs into it, I am warned that this “may take some time” (why?).

Half an hour later, I am still waiting. I am on a gigabit connection, not that it should matter, since this is something that is happening server-side…or rather, not happening.

I just don’t get how it is possible that pretty much every single function you provide, is associated with head-scratching and frustration…just as it has been for close to 10 years now, your whole application is like one big bug. Got suckered in again, just to find that things haven’t changed…will have to see how to get my money back…time is just too valuable to continue dealing with this :-/


After an hour of “this may take a while” and nothing happening, I logged out of my account (which also generated an error), then force-quit the app, and upon restarting the app and logging back in, found my Playlist empty, then dragged a single song into it, which caused the Playlist to disappear from the PLAYLISTS item in the sidebar.

Seriously, does anyone even use, let alone test, this app on your end? This is like some sort of a prank. It’s no wonder that pretty much nobody has posted to the Forum in 2 years…they must have all given up a long time ago.


Thanks for your posts!

You probably know at the moment we are using such a scheme:

  • Library is a meta-tags heirarchy: Artist > Album > Track
  • The tags which are used for sorting: Track Name, Album Name, Artist Name, Album Year, Album Artist, Compilation, Album Artist.
  • Various music formats are also going to be stored seperatly, e.g. mp3, m4a, flac version of the same Album are going to be stored in 3 separate Albums.

Collections is another thing, yes, they are more “folder” alike, you can store everyting there, including music files which have different audio formats, however, we actually expect our users to use them more like a Playlist, with 1000 tracks per Playlist max. for stability reasons.

If you have tried to just add 100 000 music files to Collection in order to “hack” - that is not like it meant to be used, and I belive will be reworked soon for stability reasons.

We actually would like to know more details on how do you see the Library management working at its best for you, please share you ideas with us, we would be glad to disscuss and use them in order to improve the service.

Looking forward to hearing for you!