Library disappeared


I’ve got the “check filters in your music Library settings”. Any help?


Thanks for your post!

What VOX + OS versions are you on?
How did you managed to import your music to VOX app?
What music sources do you have enabled in VOX Library? VOX Cloud, iTunes, Spotify, etc?


Thanks for your post!

What music sources are you trying to sync to VOX app?
Have you checked if all the music sources you want sync are enabled in Library view settings?



Latest iOS and VOX version. I sync mp3 trough the on the latest macOS. Everything stopped to work suddenly a couple of weeks ago for no apparent reason


Ok I’ve enabled the itunes option (which I never noticed before) and it says 116 album. Now the error is “it seems your music library is empty”


Thanks for your reply!

Please advise if the music tracks are stored locally on your iOS device and accessible via the stock music player?

You may try to re-install the VOX app and don`t forget to enable the iTunes option.