still not scrobbling


For the past couple of versions, hasn't recorded my playing history. It shows my 'now playing' but it doesn't scrobble it. I've reinstalled it, tried the App Store version and the .dmg version, it still won't work. Please help.


Could you please tell us which version you're using currently ?


Version 2.4 (Build 2400.112).


Try to uninstall VOX by AppCleaner, that you can download from the link below:

Once it's done, please download and install VOX one more time. This should solve the problem, but if not - let us know, we will investigate further.


I'm afraid this doesn't solve the problem. I had tried this previously (using AppCleaner) and tried again just now, and it doesn't work. Another problem is after I reinstall it I cannot change any of my preferences i.e. unticking 'show menu bar controls' doesn't work, so if I quit VOX and reload it it redoes the introduction sequence. If I restart the computer it doesn't make a difference, I have to empty my trash of the files my AppCleaner trashes and then restart to get VOX working properly, however none of that fixes the problem.

Often when connecting VOX to I have to do it twice before it says it's enabled, despite it doesn't scrobble. The first track usually appears on as Now Playing but it doesn't scrobble it and after that first track it won't come up as Now Playing for any other track again until I reinstall it.

It's a really confusing issue and it's the only thing stopping me using VOX regularly, I do love VOX so I hope it can be fixed! Thank you loads.


Same here. I'm running the latest version of Vox. Some of the tracks scrobble but some don't. While playing, the track appears as "now playing" but when finished it's not added to LastFM.


Thank you guys, we will investigate this and hopefully we will be able to fix it in the upcoming update.


Sadly enough, this issue is still present.



Afraid to say the latest update still hasn't fixed the scrobbling problem, even after uninstalling it with AppCleaner and then restarting my computer it still didn't fix the issue. I've signed into via VOX but it doesn't scrobble or record any music data, disappointing as it's the only thing stopping me from using VOX.


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