scrobble is not working properly


After last VOX update for MacOS, I’ve been problems with scrobble. Most of the tracks are not being submitted. :frowning:


Yep, me too! Please fix when you can… :sweat:

(also for iPhone / iPad versions…)


And yes I’ve logged in and out of the section in Vox and it didn’t make any difference…


Same problem here after the last update. The track shows up while playing, but disappears after the end of the song. :frowning:


same here. might have to go back to a previous version until its fixed.


If you have any idea of where we can get one, PLEASE let me know!


Same thing here. Tracks show up while playing, then disappear. I am also having an issue that some songs scrobblle, and some don’t. So it appears that I am listening to the same song over and over… Most songs do not scrobblle


Same here, I just noticed yesterday, as I’ve been doing most of new music listening through Tidal.


Same problem here on both my iPhone and my Mac…